Jubilee Auction


In the first instance, the artists taking part in the exhibition have been approached, and in this way we would like to invite members of the whole association to submit a piece for the auction for the Stipendium fund.
On this site you will soon find the offer for our auction: veiling.modernglas.nl
This auction will be a one-off, but if the response and the offer are positive, we want to continue.

The agreement is that the artist / contributor sets a minimum amount for the object, with which the auction begins. The surplus proceeds of the auction will be divided between the artist / contributor and the Friends of Modern Glass. The association uses these proceeds for an extra Jubilee-stipendium, with which we extend the possibilities for artists to follow a training and to subsidize  (partly) it from the Friends of Modern Glass. Of course all this depends on the proceeds of the auction.

Purpose of the auction
Sale opportunity for the contributor/artist and extra financial resources for the training stipend of the VVMG artist members.
The stipend is intended to partially support our member artists who wish to follow a refresher course/training.
As an example of eligible refresher courses / training we are thinking of:
Northlands Creative – SC/UK, Bildwerk – DE, Mussee du Verre – FR, StipGlas summer academy – NL, Urban Glass – USA

Jubilee-Stipendium: As long as there is budget from this auction. For all conditions of eligibility for the stipend, the already known system of application and allocation by the VVMG will apply.

How do we want to set up this auction
First of all the exhibitors of the jubilee exhibition will be asked if they want to offer their (or another) object through the auction. In order to keep things clear, we will start with the first 50 applicants. If the auction is successful, we can ‘do’ a second round later in the anniversary year or in 2022. If you have submitted several objects for the auction, in principle only one object, designated by you, can take part in the auction.

How we propose it
Your registration for an object in this auction should reach us by 06 July: jubileum@modernglas.nl
The contributor/artist indicates what the minimum stake or starting bid should be.
The starting bid includes the proceeds of the contributor (including packaging and shipping) and 20% of the proceeds to the association.

The shipping costs are for the contributor. Shipping/transport with track and trace and insurance to a buyer in Europe (countries European Union) should be calculated by the contributor. Possible VAT charges of the contributor/artist are to be paid by the contributor/artist. The association is not obliged to pay VAT.
(Shipping costs to a country other than in the EC in consultation with the bidder)
If the auction proceeds are more than the starting bid, the additional proceeds will be divided fifty-fifty between the training grant and the contributor/artist.

Bidding and process
The contributor/artist puts an object up for auction. The submitter/artist submits photo material and a correct description with dimensions, weight etc. via jubileum@modernglas.nl.

The jubilee committee will check, evaluate and accept/reject the offer and place it in the auction.

Placement on the website of the association will be done with a link to the auction site. Read here>>

Bidder registers on the auction site and makes a bid.
Payments from the buyer will be made via the association. After delivery by the seller and proper receipt by the buyer, the proceeds for the bidder/artist will be transferred by the association.

Publication of auction site: read here

Publication via website, glass magazine 3 and newsletter.
Active bidding from 27 August to 26 September.