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Studio visits

Atelier visits are organized four times a year. Our members get a chance to go behind the scenes of a glass artist or professional working with glass in an intimate setting.

As a member of the society, after registering, you can participate in the studio visits free of charge. An overview of our upcoming activities can be found under news or in the newsletter.

Did you miss a studio visit?
Reports of studio visits also appear in Glass – Magazine for Glass Art in the “Behind the Scenes” section.
Two workshop visits were already planned in 2020 but were postponed by Corona. The working group is looking into whether these visits can continue as yet in smaller groups in the fall. For now, no new studio visits are planned in 2020.

During VVMG’s 35 years of existence, we have had the opportunity to provide many wonderful studio visits. An archive of the studio visits as well as some reports can be found below:

June Laurenskerk, Rotterdam
Sept Angenelle Thijssen
Oct Marjan Smit
Oct Linda van Huffelen
2020 Due to the Covid 19 virus, all studio visits have been postponed
2019 Sept Studio by Tetterode
March Maria Niessen
April Jacky Geurts
2018 May Ans Bakker
June Arnout Visser
Nov. Maria Niessen
2016 Mar geir nustad visit
April Simsa Cho
May Barbara Nanning
June IKA
2015 Mar Barbara Nanning (deferred)
May Sylvie VandenHoucke
April Bevo Glass Art Atelier, Willem van Oijen Jr and Rachel Daeng Ngalle
2014 Mar Antony van Wijk
and Jelena Popadic
April Mieke Pontier
May Krista Israel
2013 Mar Laura de Monchy
April Sjaak Smetsers
June Stained Glass Atelier Domstad
Nov Fleur van de Berg
2012 Mar Katrin Maurer
April Richard Price
and Leon van Kuijk
June IKA Mechelen (B)
2011 Mar Bert van Loo
Oct Thea Figee
2010 jan Louis La Rooy
April Ans Bakker
Nov Hermine van der Does


2009 Mar Remy de Feyter
April Olaf Stevens
July Gerry King
2008 Mar Hanneke Fokkelman
May Bibi Smit
Oct. Mari Meszaros
2007 Mar Barbara Nanning
April Lydia Schroder
May Frank van der Ham
Oct Peter Bremers
2006 Mar Elizabeth Swinburne
Apr Carine Neutjens
May Marleen van Zwienen
Oct Stef Hagemeijer / 360 glass
2005 Apr Carina Riezebos
May Martine Knoppert
Oct Rob van der Ven
Nov Thea Figee
2004 Mar Garreth Williams
Apr Jelena Popadic
May Saniye Bildricin
June Josje Bosman
Oct Yvon Trossel
Nov Meza Rijsdijk
2003 Feb. Tetterode Amsterdam
Mar. Frans Gorzeman
Apr. Effi Halkidis + Lisa Gherardi
Sept Annet Wood
Oct. Vincent van Ginneke
2002 Apr. Sunny van Zijst
June IKA Mechelen
2001 Mar. Willem van Oyen and Rachel Daeng Ngalle (Bevo Atelier)
Apr. Henk Meyer
May Rietveld Academy
2000 Apr. Laura Heyworth
May Bibi Smit
Sept. Frank Biemans
Oct. Menno Jonker
Nov. Felicitas English
1999 Apr. Caroline Prisse
May Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, guided tour
Sept. Trip to Düsseldorf
1998 Mar. Olaf Stevens
Apr. Arnout Visser
June Rietveld Academy,glass department.
Sept. Atelier 70 (Norbert van de Broek and Bonnie Smith)
50 * studio visit
Oct. Lia Koster
Nov. Bert Grotjohann
1997 Mar. Simsa Cho
June Bert Frijns
Oct. Antony van Wijk
Nov. Barbara Nanning
1996 Feb. Susan Hammond
Mar. Mieke Pontier
Apr. Misha Ignis
May Studio Maastricht (Verboeket) and Peter Bremers
June Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: restoration department (IsabelleGarachon) and studio glass collection (Anna Laméris)
Sept. Elfri Knook
1995 Feb. Tetterode, Amsterdam
Mar. Frank van der Ham
May Willem and Bernard Heesen
July Winnie Teschmacher
Nov. Alex Luigjes
1994 Apr. Museum van der Togt, Amstelveen
May Rietveld Academy
June Tetterode, Voorthuizen
Sept. Luc Ottens
1993 Feb. Norbert v. d. Pants/Atelier 70
Mar. Sien van Meurs
Apr. Felicitas English
May Mieke Groot and Richard Meitner
Sept. Brigitte Klein Altenburger
Oct. Mari Meszaros
1992 Mar. Augusta Pfann
Apr. Richard Price
May Bert van Loo
June Tosca Overdiep
Oct. Lisa Gherardi
1991 Feb. Annemie Groenen
Apr. Corina Teunissen van Manen
May Willem Heesen/De Oude Horn
June Rietveld Academy
Sept Edith Hagelstange
Oct. Stef Hagemeier
Nov. Angela v.d. Burght / Jan Willem van Zijst
1990 Feb. Tetterode, Amsterdam
Mar. Mieke Folgering
May Frank v.d. Ham
Sept. Winnie Teschmacher
Oct Inge van ‘t Klooster
Dec. Dorothé van Driel

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