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There are still several volunteers active for, among other things, the organization of various activities: such as e.g. studio visits, presence on social media and the presentation of the association at exhibitions and fairs, not to mention the editorial board Glass.

W.A. insurance has been purchased for board and volunteers.

Membership administration: Ronald Janzee

Webmaster and other online support: Rinus van Helden

Coordinator Bernardine de Neeve Prize 2024: Job Meihuizen

Member object coordinator: Job Meihuizen

Social media and calendar: Mirjam Strijbos,(coordinator) Marjan Smit, Marjan van Schaik, Tinka de Jong

Continuity committee: Mignon van der Laan, Simone Tuinenberg and Mirjam Strijbosch

Coordinator representing association at fairs etc: Rinus van Helden

Cash committee: Walter v.d. Vorst, Gerard Bekker

Coordinator of studio visits:
Milja Schreijer

Editor-in-Chief: Piet Augustijn

Ads in GLAS Magazine:

Our Organization

VVMG is an ANBI that depends entirely on the strong commitment of our board members and active volunteers. An overview of our organization can be found here.

The General Assembly (ALV).
The ALV meets twice a year (Glass Day) and adopts annual reports.
The meeting is usually combined with one or more lectures, tours or visiting an exhibition.


The board of the association consists of the following people:
The hr. J.A. (Jan Anne) Schelling – Chairman, Ms. Schelling. I (Ida) Scheijgrond – Secretary, Messrs. R. (Ron) Geurts – Treasurer, Mw. R. (Renée) Korbee, Board Member – PR and Communications, The Rev. J. (Job) Meihuizen, Board member – Activities, The Rev. R. (Rob) de Wolff, Board Member – Policy and Quality, hr. R (Rinus) van Helden board member – website, soc. media, newsletter

Our association runs entirely on volunteers who receive only an expense allowance for their work.

Are you not yet a member but are you interested?
For only €66 a year you can now become a member of the Association of Friends of Modern Glass, receive our quarterly magazine and participate in all our activities.
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