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Spring Glass Day / AGM 2024

On March 10, we held our spring meeting at Castle Cannenburch in Vaassen.

The agenda for this day had been published on our website and in the Newsletter prior to the meeting. The board made some announcements, including about a very promising conversation we recently had with the ModernGlas Foundation. As a board, we expect a lot from this and will keep you informed about the progress of the talks, both in newsletters and in our magazine.

As is customary at the spring meeting, the board accounts to the members for the past year’s policy (financial and otherwise).

We have stayed nicely within budget and even have a plus. The audit committee, on behalf of the members, audited and approved the policies conducted.

Three board members also said goodbye at this meeting. Ms. Renée Korbee and Mr. Job Meijhuizen have resigned for personal reasons. Hr Ron Geurts had already announced his retirement at the fall meeting. He was also unable, due to surgery a short time ago, to attend in person. But a video link had been established with him, allowing him to still provide some clarification on the 2023 figures. The board named him as a Friend of the VVMG and expressed this by symbolically presenting him with a glass plate by Italian artist Alfredo Barbini. This will be delivered to Ron in the near future.

He was succeeded as treasurer by Ans Vollering, who had already been introduced at the fall meeting and had been on the board for the past six months.

The board further explained some ongoing issues. Regarding the member object 2024 (Three artists have been approached and will submit their proposal in the near future). The number of entries for the Bernardine de Neeve prize is disappointing. Additional action will be taken on this by the board. And regarding the trip to Berlin, the GAS – Conference: as soon as the program is known, members interested will be informed.

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Photos Pierre Don – Renee Korbee

After a short break, 2 lectures were provided.

Rob Laagland gave an introduction about the Glass Art Foundation and the currently “ongoing” exhibition at Cannenburch Castle “Glass: Still Water.

Paul Funcken gave an introduction about both the start-up of the glass art foundation for which he showed an installation in August 2023 in the moat of Cannenburch Castle. As well as an introduction about the work he has in the exhibit and his work and sources of inspiration for his other work.

After this we went with 2 groups to visit the exhibition at Cannenburch Castle.

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