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Member object 2014

Artist Barbara Nanning
Title Boviste
Price € 400,-
Circulation 20
Committee Gallery Broft, Leerdam), Eveline Holsappel (curator of applied art at Museum Arnhem) and Laura de Monchy ( designer of the 2012 member object).
Website Barbara Nanning

Barbara Nanning is the designer of the 2014 Member Object.
The object called Boviste is a form that depicts the essence of nature’s budding and growth.

The jury found Boviste to be a very tactile object that was strongly inspired by nature with its mushroom shape. “It is remarkable that Nanning has incorporated so many different techniques in such a small object: blowing, hand forming, grinding and the overlay technique, The result is an object, executed in apple green, blue and colorless glass, in which form, color and structure form one whole,” the jury said.

Nature-both organic and inorganic-is a constant source of inspiration for Barbara. She works with both glass and ceramics. In her work, she unites classically bound craft with innovative use of materials to create a language of form all her own.

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