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Member object 2000

Artist Caroline Prisse
Title Sitting Corner
Price fl 600,-
Circulation 18
Committee Piet Augustijn, curator, Museum Gorinchem, Meindert Osinga, gallery owner, Wouter Bolangier, (glass) artist.
Website Caroline Prisse

The “Sitting Corner” object brings Caroline Prisse’s principles to the fore in the best possible way.

It is an open form consisting of three glass branches that meet at an angle and are held together by a metal connecting piece.
The individual parts affect each other and together form the object. The virginity of the glass combines perfectly with the lived-in metal, just as the static is joined with the dynamic. The shape of the object refers to a relaxed sitting position, but also to being open to outside impressions.

With “Sitting Corner,” Prisse connects nicely to previous objects, such as the series “Faith, Hope and Love,” which was on display at the KunstRai in June.

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