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Member object 2018-b

Artist José van Donselaar
Title Fishbowl
Price € 275,-
Circulation 8
Committee Board

The object Fish Bowl by José van Donselaar (Dordrecht, 1960) consists of two glass bowls with a ring of fish leather between them.
The lower bowl stands on a polished surface, the small upper one hangs in the ring.
The bowls were made using melting (fusing) and gravity stretching (slumping) of a flat sheet of glass through a drop-ring. The excess edge is tapped off and the remaining edge is ground straight. The ring consists of a hard inner wood lined with fish leather. The sea wolf was used for this object.
José sought the colors of the bowls in sea-green (Green Tea) and multi-blue (Indigo Tint) transparent colors, adapted to the skin of the fish so that it can be clearly seen through the glass. The glass plates have many bubbles of their own, which is quite appropriate for a fish bowl.
Sizes vary because the bowls are not made in a mold.
The size is approximately 14.5 x14.5 cm with a height of approximately 12 cm

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