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Member object 2018-c

Artist Marjan Smit
Title s.h.
Price € 450,-
Circulation 4
Committee Board
Website Marjan Smit

Exuberant, colorful and full of zest for life.
The etchings and glass objects of Marjan Smit (Amersfoort, 1958) from Eindhoven call for a smile. She finds inspiration in castles, old industrial buildings, harbors, cranes and ships. She has been active as a graphic artist (dry needle color etchings) for more than 30 years and as a glass artist for about 15 years.

In recent years, inlays in work have changed a lot. Previously, they were cast pieces of glass made into a loose figure with copper and copper wire. Now Marjan makes figurines of amoebas, plankton, jellyfish and seahorses from glass rods on the burner.
This approach was also followed for the object for members.

The shapes of the objects are about the same, but the color shades are slightly different with each piece. These arise because the colored glass flour is sprinkled into the pouring stream at the moment the spoon tilts and the liquid glass flows into the sand mold. The bottom of the object is cut with a diamond saw and then polished until a super smooth, transparent bottom is created. Good for light and stability.
Marjan Smit’s object measures 31 x 26 x 4 cm

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