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Member object 2004

Artist Meza Rijsdijk
Title A tube of time
Price € 300
Circulation 31
Committee Wouter Ritsema-van Eck, former curator of glass, Annelien van Kempen, gallery owner, Gareth Williams, (glass) artist.

“A Tube Time” is an object from the series Messages.
This title refers both to an item one buys in the store and to the meaning of mission and messaging. The objects are a form of materialization of the immaterial and carry the illusion of being able to buy the unmarketable.
The objects contain both humorous and serious approaches to our desire to acquire, possess and gift the immaterial.

Meza says of her annual cast glass object, which fits into the series Messages she has recently been working on, “My work is not about something, but it is the result of something; the result of an ongoing process, in which there is a combination of concept and material.”

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