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Member object 2021

Frank van den Ham – The Days

Set of one clear and one matte blasted sculpture or one black and one matte blasted sculpture.

Artist Frank van den Ham
Title The Days
Price € 425 (per set)
Circulation 20 +2 for the benefit of the VVMG
Committee Board

Member object Lustrum Year 2021

The VVMG board, supplemented by two external experts, chose the design “The Days” by Frank van den Ham from the 16 submissions for the member object in the anniversary year 2021, which were all of a high standard.
The folded bowls testify to a high technical level.
This draft makes explicit reference to the association’s 35th anniversary.

The Days

About the starting point for this two-part sculpture, Frank says the following:
In this object I want to show some of the endless possibilities in glass, using different techniques to highlight the expressiveness of glass. In the execution of “The Days,” the idea was to combine equal forms that take on a different character through color, transparency, gloss or maturity into an object.
For this object, it seemed only fitting that each shape bears exactly 35 glass beads. I also find it important that it can be “played with. Positioning, standing or lying down, front or back, angled or tightly lined; the object can participate in the mood of the moment’.

About the artist

Designer and performing artist Frank van den Ham (Amsterdam 1952) has been working with glass for nearly 40 years. A self-taught artist, he has since become a super expert in fusing and slumping glass.

You can still watch Frank’s presentation at the ALV here!

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