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Member object 2020

Artist Anna Gray
Title Mirroring Perception
Technology Blown glass
Price € 450,-
Circulation 20
Committee Board
Website annagray

The VVMG board unanimously selected one design from the 15 submissions of a design for the 2020 member object, all of which were of a high standard: “Mirroring Perception” by Anna Gray.
Despite the Covid 19 pandemic, Anna Gray succeeded in this design.

Mirroring Perception
The starting point for this sculpture, consisting of three blown spheres, stems from her fascination with the beauty and complexity of physics.
Anna: “Our wealth of scientific knowledge is huge but the things we don’t know (yet) is many times greater. That ignorance intrigues me. The organic form that “moves” through the three transparent spheres is inspired by biological and physical structures. The reflection in the artwork questions both our knowledge, within, and our perception of the world around us.

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