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Member object 1989

Artist Frans Willebrands
Title s.h.
Price € 500
Circulation 24
Committee Board
Website Frans Willebrands

An almost black-gray, bluestone pedestal measuring 9 x 7 x 4 cm carries a composition consisting of a rectangular plate of flat glass, which falls smoothly, like a cloth folded, over a round, horizontally directed glass rod, which ends in a point.
Total height with base is 14 cm, without base 10 cm, length rod 35 cm.
The flat glass is frosted/transparent, sandblasted and post-etched on the outside and tends slightly to gray-green.
Movement and momentum of the pointed rod, which, as it were, cleaves through space, are additionally suggested, by an optical distortion caused by the flat glass, which falls naturally, but not purely diagonally across the rod.


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