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Jan Anne Schelling
Since the beginning of the corona crisis, we have lived in Leerdam – a great place if you like modern glass. The love of glass began at home, where my parents had beautiful objects by Copier. Together with my wife on vacations, a visit to a studio or gallery was and is a regular occurrence. Not only have we seen an awful lot of beautiful things in Europe, but through our work in Asia we have also experienced the development there up close. 1 visit still stands out to us. That was years back in the Czech Republic, in the studio of Bořek Šípek. Near Prague, he had revived an old glass factory and was working there with national and international craftsmen and artists. Ajeto!” I heard them call out there, tapping the glass from the blowgun. We asked what that meant. “And that’s it” they explained. The blazer and the designer decide together when the work is finished; they cannot do without each other. The right optimum: the best expression of what you wanted to say as an artist; the extreme sought in the material by the craftsman; and at the same time peace with the fact that it may never be perfect.
Ajeto – that cry has often sung through my head since then. Because you achieve more together than alone; because you have to use each other’s talent and also know when it’s right and can complete something. I studied in Delft and then spent years working at DSM and back in the Netherlands working for Royal IHC. That background shaped me and reinforced my penchant for merging the craft and visionary. In the association I am sure I will meet many lovers of craftsmanship and craft, and I am looking forward to the board work within the association!

Ida Scheijgrond: I have been active on the association’s (interim) board since 2021. That came about rather by accident. But in the past period I have learned a lot and decided to continue on the board. Building a good association with nice people something! I do feel like doing that. I am a graduate of the higher degree of the Glass Art Department of IKA Mechelen. Now working on specialization. I live in Zwartewaal, a small village near Brielle. Originally, I studied public administration and my “regular” job is with the Environmental and Transport Inspectorate. There I am particularly active in the works council!


Ron Geurts, avid lover and collector of Italian glass art from Murano/Venice. Encountered this in the late 1980s and it led to a small “addiction. In daily life, I was employed by the Department of Defense in human resources. At Defense also served as controller. In volunteering did various board positions (current and past) as treasurer.
Joined the society at the glass art fair in 1997. A special association where each quarter the magazine GLAS surprises and enthuses me to continue my search for special glass art.

Intended Board Member / Treasurer Ans Vollering

For decades I have been deeply impressed by the creativity of glass artists and their glass art skills. So my friend and I regularly visit well-known Dutch museums with glass collections. Consider the Glass Museum in Leerdam and museum JAN in Amstelveen. We feast our eyes there. Modern glass is our preference. Our own glass collection is small but fine and of all times. Thus, we are in the happy possession of glass art objects by the hand of Lucienne Bloch (replica), Geir Nustad and Marjan van Schaik, for example.

By now I have been a snoring member of the VVMG for many years and, as a member, look forward to the publication of our quarterly magazine GLAS every time. Have been busy in my working life working as a senior policy officer at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Now that I am retired, I have time and opportunity to use my administrative and financial skills (studying economics in Rotterdam) within the VVMG board. I’m looking forward to that. I hope for constructive discussions in which each board member will want to bring his or her insights to the table that will lead us to build on this special association.

Board Member
Renée Korbee – VVMG board member – PR & communications
How nice to meet you here as someone interested in modern glass! As a board member of the VVMG, I would like to introduce myself to you. I studied Art History in Leiden and started Art consultancy Artvision immediately after graduation, since 2017 I am co-owner of Bureau Art Connectors. My expertise as a cultural entrepreneur includes placing art in public spaces and organizing art exhibitions. In Noordwijk, my hometown, I curated the sculpture exhibition “Beeldenboulevard” three times. As an exhibition maker, I created several exhibitions including one about Noordwijk’s most famous artist: Charlotte van Pallandt. My interest is also in modern dance, and recently I wrote an essay on the American dancer Isadora Duncan who stayed in Noordwijk for several months in 1906; a theater production of this was made by KunstKlank.
My interest in modern glass is of recent times, but the glass bug has now completely gripped me. Especially glass art intertwined with other art forms; so-called crossovers, I find exciting. I have been a curator of the international glass art festival “Glasrijk Tubbergen” for several years. For this I made a selection from the top glass artists each year and lovingly set up this exhibition.
As board member PR & communications, I will, together with the other board members, bring the VVMG to wider attention by, among other things, regularly posting about its activities and glass art in general on the various social media. Glass art deserves a wider stage and my question to you is to help us do that. Perhaps a membership (and included in it) the fine and informative Magazine “Glass” might be an idea for a birthday gift. I hope to meet you soon during one of the VVMG’s many activities. In the meantime, you can follow us on Instagram: vvmg_glasmagazine and Facebook: Friends of Modern Glass / Glass Magazine on Glass Art.

Board Member
Rob de Wolff, The interest in glass art originated with me in the 1980s when I was traveling in Sweden. There I saw glass artists and glassblowers working intensely together to turn the design on paper into a tangible piece. I was impressed with the material and also how much technique was involved to create glass to the desired result in terms of shape and color.
In 2019, I took early retirement as a meteorologist after working in aviation for over 40 years. This provided me with a great opportunity to now actively work with glass myself. I chose to study Glass Art at the IKA in Mechelen, which I still enjoy doing.
In the past I have done a lot of volunteer work, being active at the administrative level. The IKA training brought me into contact with the VVMG and naturally I became a member of the association. As a result of the survey, I started thinking about whether I could possibly bring my administrative and work experiences to bear on the future of the Society of Friends of Modern Glass. In particular, my knowledge and experience in planning and policy making led me to take on that area of focus within the board.

Board Member
Job Meihuizen (b. 1966) is a freelance design historian, curator, tutor and cultural organizer. He studied art history at the University of Amsterdam. During his studies, he specialized within arts and crafts / design. He now has more than 20 years of experience within the heritage and museum sector as a curator, curator, program manager, project manager, consultant, lecturer and researcher.

Following his studies, Job worked as a researcher at the museum Het Princessehof in Leeuwarden and later as assistant to the Department of Applied Art at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. From 1998 to 2008, he was a curator at the National Glass Museum Leerdam. In that position he created numerous exhibitions, alternating between studio glass, Leerdam and current developments in glass, in many cases accompanied by publications. He made his first exhibition at the National Glass Museum Leerdam in 1996 on glass from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, with the cooperation of several members of the society. He had the great fortune to still be able to work in collaboration with the masters from Leerdam on retrospectives (Floris Meydam, Sybren Valkema, Gerard Thomassen, Willem Heesen and Siem van der Marel) but also with luminaries from Dutch Studio Glass. He has been a member of the Society of Friends of Modern Glass since the mid-1990s and was a board member for several years between 2002 and 2005.

In 2009, he served as “Heritage and History” program manager at Premsela, the Dutch institute for design and fashion. Here he broadened his field of work and network. Since January 2015, Job Meihuizen has been working as an independent specialist and curator for cultural institutions. He collaborates on several projects at the interface of heritage and design. He spots young talents, advises and helps young designers and organizations with content and exhibitions. Job Meihuizen taught at the conservator training program of the Instituut Collectie Nederland, DesignLAB of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and at the KABK The Hague. Recently, he has been teaching at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Board Member
My name is Rinus van Helden.

I have been with the VVMG for a number of years. My wife (Tonny) and I are both great art lovers with an added interest in Glass.
Both of us are from the eastern part of the country where we still live today. Our focus of interest is the students of the Rietveld Academy. Many of them have been followed by us for years.

I have also served as webmaster for the association for many years and hope to work with the other board members to continue to build the association into a vibrant Association of Friends of Modern Glass.

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