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Member object 2013

Artist Esther Jiskoot
Title Orrac
Price € 400,-
Circulation 25
Committee Annemie Boissevain (Galerie de Witte Voet), Caroline van Diest (independent curator) and Bernard Heesen.
Website Esther Jiskoot

Esther Jiskoot,you have already read in the Newsletter, is the creator of the 2013 Member Object, which is titled Orrac.

About the title, Esther says, “I often choose it intuitively and by sound and association. They are non-existent names. I choose this kind of title because then it gives a name to an image as if it were an individual, so it reinforces identity.
For me, the title Orrac evokes associations with ears, hearing, oracle, telling something but also listening, a mysterious oracle’.

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