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Member object 2018 a

Artist Sylvie Vandenhoucke
Title sea view
Price € 495
Circulation 7
Committee Board

The proposal for the membership object by Sylvie Vandenhoucke (BE, 1969) of Tienen, BE, is rooted in the tradition in which artists use the idea of the postcard to democratize works of art through the production of a multiple.

“I chose to stay close to my regular work within this format. Inherent in my artistic practice are, on the one hand, a thorough analysis of the subtle optical changes of surfaces and materials by light and space and systematic, repetitive strategies on the other. The object for the members is composed of hundreds of small elements in pâte de verre fired with great precision to obtain the nuances of transparency. At the outset, I choose a strategy to organize these elements into a particular constellation. In Sea View, an abstract “landscape” is created by arranging small sheets of glass from a horizontal line. The intensity of the light incident on the glass determines how the color of the work is perceived.”

Sylvie Vandenhoucke’s object measures 16.5 x 22.5 cm and is 4 cm wide.
Around the glass area is a wooden frame. The work can stand or be hung.

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