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Glass training for (semi-)professional glass artists

Glass art and design occupy a distinct place in the world of art. The commitment of the VVMG is to celebrate, promote and foster glass art. We therefore want to bring professional training to the attention of (young) people who want to become proficient in the various disciplines that are available.

Below are some examples of courses where education is given in (in-depth) material knowledge of glass and where there are opportunities for visual and artistic development.

Dutch courses

Gerrit Rietveld Academy
The Large Glass Department has a strong and unique position within the conceptual approach to glass as a sculptural material in contemporary art. Students in the glass department receive technical classes so that they can make the right choices and work independently as a function of their personal projects through an understanding of the material.

Education: The Large Glass Department
Location: Amsterdam (NL)

Dot glass
everything for all glass techniques

Free Academy Nunspeet

Spread over 3 years, various technical aspects of glass are taught. After these 3 years, students can further explore techniques and their own imaging. Class years consist of blocks of 6 to 12 weeks. The short blocks consist of practical and material knowledge lessons.
Location: Nunspeet (NL)

Furthermore, you can still visit:

ECI Culture Factory


Caliber Art School

Beautiful Craft Education

Arts and Culture Center Woudenberg

Belgian courses

IKA Mechelen

The glass department organizes a technically versatile training, according to the year of study the different techniques are offered. The strength of the studio lies in its individual approach because all students receive both technical and artistic guidance. The classes therefore include, in addition to the practice of glassmaking, an education in design and composition, not only focused on glass art, but in a broad context of art history and experience.
Location: Mechelen (BE)

Sint-Lucas Fine Arts Ghent

In the early stages of the course, an inquisitive attitude of study focused on thinking through the hands takes precedence. The exploration of glass and ceramics is central. That means taking an experiential approach. During the creation process, you will discover the specific qualities of the medium that fascinate you and that you want to further explore and utilize. The course explores how the craft is given new life in a contemporary context.
Location: Ghent (BE)

Berchem Academy

In the Glass Art studio, we explore the monumental possibilities of the medium of glass. In the first three years of training, various techniques are introduced step by step. Insights around design, color, line, composition, contrast, technique and artistic skill are also covered throughout the assignments. In the fourth year, students work on a final project with a theme of their own choosing. This will be judged by a professional panel and presented extracurricularly.
Location: Berchem (BE)

PXL MAD School of Arts

PXL-MAD School of Arts Hasselt organizes art education and research at the academic level with an eye for entrepreneurship and sustainability. Central to this are critical attitude, ability and knowledge. We encourage students, faculty and researchers to seek out innovation through experimentation and thereby leave the boundaries of the familiar. In doing so, our mission is to train inquisitive designers and artists who study and reshape the constantly changing, international world.
Location: Hasselt (BE)

Glass painting knst. Hasselt
This course introduces you to the transparency and playfulness of light and color in glass to creatively create images in glass. Glass is a solid and one of the oldest materials. Glass painting (staining) is applying color to glass and when heated, the paint fuses with the glass surface. Glass art is part of the fine arts. Art is the ability, the skill, the creation of beauty. All this can lead to works in glass in 2D and in 3D.
Location: Hasselt (BE)

Initiatives to promote glass education

The Glass Virus

The Glass Virus is a Think Tank for educational strategies and was founded to stimulate the discussion about the future status of education in the field of glass art and strives for a new interpretation of glass in arts and design.


Are you missing a training or in-depth course for the (semi-)professional glass artist? If so, please let us know!
N.B. Short basic courses or (day) workshops as an introduction to glass as a medium are not included in this overview.

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