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Member object 2006

Artist Frank van den Ham
Title ‘Does not the night carry the day’ (left)
‘The day carries the night with it’ (right).
Price € 350,- / € 700,-
Circulation 58
Committee Albertjan Peters (chairman), Wim de Bruijn (treasurer) and Inemie Gerards (board member)
Website Frank van den Ham

On the Society’s 20th anniversary, Frank van den Ham designed a double object that can be ordered by members of the Society Friends of Modern Glass and of “Glass & Crystal.”

The object consists of two identical shapes (bowls) in two different designs.
One bowl is blue with gray (day) and the other is gray with blue (night). Thus, together they form a binary unit.

The price of the double object “day and night” is €700.
And a single copy for €350

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