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Lustrum celebrations

In 1986, the Society of Friends of Modern Glass was founded by a number of people, including D. Copier and B. de Neeve. That means that in 2021 our association will have existed 35 years!
The society, initially a small group of people who wanted to promote contemporary glass art, were mostly members from the western part of the country. Over the years, the association has grown larger and international .
Our association has become an international stage for glass art from the Low Countries .

The 35th anniversary of the VVMG in 2021.
A year that was under the influence of the Corona virus, which prevented us from executing everything as planned. But what did we manage to accomplish:
Exhibition at the National Glass Museum by member artists and enthusiasts. Since we were not sure if this exhibit could open, a flyer was created that included all the exhibited work.
A successful exhibition, it finally took place and ended on Aug. 15 with a finisage for the participants.
A photo contest with the theme ‘Connection and glass art’
After extensive deliberation by the Jury, consisting of the anniversary committee and 2 external jury members, the first prize was unanimously awarded. The 2nd prize was debated longer.
An auction whose additional proceeds were earmarked for the VVMG’ s stipend fund . 25% Of the properties have been sold. Not a bad result for the first auction we organized in this way. For the association, and especially for the artists, this generated the nice amount of 1327 euros. This allows us to award a number of additional stipends.
Tables project and presentations during ALV/Education Day
On Oct. 31, 2021, the table project took place once again.
Virtual “anniversary” presentations on our site. Given the issues surrounding the covid virus, we have put some videos on our site to allow our members-artists to still present themselves during this time. Studio visits were not possible due to applicable regulations.

In 2016, the 30th anniversary was celebrated
with many diverse activities.
The principles of glassblowing were taught to members under the guidance of experienced glassblowers. What’s involved and how does it actually work? About 30 members of the VVMG participated in this.
Furthermore, members of the VVMG spent several days working on the installation of Koen Vanmechelen.
On the headland at DordtYart, Peter Vink placed a metal grid about 7 meters long and about 2.5 meters high. This industrially made grid is filled with 1,500 cast glass cubes that were made in the glass furnaces at Dordtyart. Members of the VVMG also helped execute lenses for Conny Groenewegen’s installation.
Four lectures were organized:
– Koen Vanmechelen spoke about his Biomista,
– Hilde Anna de Vries, former director of Foodwatch spoke about our food system.
– Koen Vanderstukken talked about glass in contemporary art (this following his book Glass, Virtual, Real). At this evening, 35 members of the VVMG were present and a check was presented by the VVMG to Koen Vanderstukken as a contribution to his book.
– Koen Vanmechelen talked about his choice of glass and his collaboration with the Berengo Studio.
– On the fourth evening, writer and art critic Maarten Doorman talked about engagement and art. Koen Vanmechelen then talked about his experiences with social enterprises as “materia prima” for his art.
A lecture by Lino Tagliapietra was co-hosted with the Dordrecht Museum on Sept. 11.
The Glass Art Foundation organized an exhibition at Cannenburch Castle for the tenth time in 2016. For this special anniversary, the VVMG helped make the catalog possible.

The 25th anniversary was celebrated in 2011. In 2011, activities were organized to create awareness of modern glass art. To this end, a traveling exhibition of 25 years of member objects has been set up. These on display at 16 venues (museums, galleries and fairs).
The anniversary book 25-year membership objects was also published.
Ad Wammes composed “The Musical Composition on the Singing Tower.” A composition especially for our association, which includes sounds “created” during glass blowing. This composition was performed by Boudewijn Zwart, the regular carillonneur of “De Zingende Toren” in Vleuten and released on CD.
The singing tower, a tall tower with bells and a glass carillon, was blown by Bernard Heesen.
Furthermore, an auction was organized during the members’ day in Leerdam where many pieces changed hands.
During the year several lectures took place and we participated in several glass events in the Netherlands.


Jubilee catalog 2021

Jubilee 2016

Jubilee 2011

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