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Exhibition of the 2021 Bernardine de Neeve Prize nominees

The three nominees will show new work in the final exhibition at Museum JAN in Amstelveen through Jan. 9, 2022.

From left to right: Nataliya Vladychko, Judith Roux (prize winner) and Jenny Ritzenhoff.

Symbolic presentation of the award to Judith Roux

Work of Judith Roux

The judges and prize winners meeting

Jury Report Bernardine de Neeve Prize 2021

In March 2021 at the National Glass Museum Leerdam, three artists were nominated for the Bernardine de Neeve Prize 2021: Jenny Ritzenhoff, Judith Roux and Nataliya Vladychko. These presented their work in an exhibition at Museum JAN in Amstelveen ( 5-11-2021 to 09-01-2022) where they showed new work combined with previously created work. All three realized new work that the jury judged on Sunday, Nov. 21, and named JUDITH ROUX as the winner.

Jenny Ritzenhoff

At the time of nominations, the jury was curious as to whether Jenny Ritzenhoff (b. 1973) would be able to bring new content to her sculptural work. It certainly did. Although her visual language has remained the same to some extent, the approach has changed. Whereas until now objects dissected to the bone were shown hanging, the new work is horizontal and refers to both landscape and architectural elements. With subtle references to German Romanticism, the work can be called monumental and innovative, but is not yet sufficiently developed. The jury finds an integration of glass and pedestal interesting, but recommends another look at this.

Judith Roux

The work of Judith Roux (1992) is finished, but can still be a stepping stone to a more rigorous development even in this presentation. The work was called innovative but there were also questions about how to proceed. Contours of architecture characterize the work in which light and optics have free rein.

The jury: Her work is a search for purity, exciting through its openings and most innovative. The spiritual struggle has resulted in distinct sculptures. In an abstract way, a mountain hike is described in which the earthly and the heavenly come close together.

Nataliya Vladychko

The work of Nataliya Vladychko (b. 1977) is surprising and technically well executed. New are the portraits, a step further in her development. The judges would have liked to see a few more photos. The drawings and watercolors connect nicely with the budding plants in glass. Still, the jury lacks a coherence to the whole. Although the story is made broader, the portraits and diary drawings seem to have no connection to the rest of the work. The judges called the work metaphors for life.

The panel, Nov. 21, 2021:
Tomas Hillebrand, Jens Pfeifer, Christine Vanoppen, Hein van de Water, Han de Kluijer (chairman), Piet Augustijn (secretary)

More on the BdeN Prize in GLAS 4-2021. The full jury report is enclosed with the magazine.

Work by Jenny Ritzenhoff

Work of Nataliya Vladychko

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