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Member object 2001

Artist Mieke Groot, Richard Meitner and Malainy Sow (“Mallos”)
Title Les Amis
Price € 300
Circulation 65
Committee Board, Special anniversary object at the request of the VVMG

The object “Les Amis” consists of three separate blown shapes that fit together.
The various parts are looped, deepening the color to the heart of the object.

Mieke Groot and Richard Meitner have chosen to take the collaboration even further by partnering with the Senegalese back-glass painter “Mallos,” known to them, who adds a back-glass painting to each object, depicting the three artists together while painted with the object in their hands (the Droste effect).
Since the late nineteenth century, behind-glass painting has been an important art form in Senegal.

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