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Member object 1993

Artist Jens H. Pfeifer
Title Spherical
Price fl 550,-
Circulation 28
Committee Board
Website Jens Pfeifer

A sculptural form made of glass melted in the mold, which is then partially ground and polished. The shape of the object can be compared to the shape of fruit, or halved fruit, a bowl, bowl-sfere. In the middle is a hollow. The now abandoned empty, raw, tender abode of the essence (core) corresponds to the outside.

The viewer is confronted with the opposing textures: smooth, rough, sleek, playful and so on. However, the ornamentation that is on the outside becomes almost invisible due to the frosted glass. Only when one looks through the polished side can one see and recognize the vulnerability of the living exterior. The inside becomes the outside and vice versa. These three aspects – inside, outside and the interplay between the two – inspired Jens Pfeifer and brought him to this result.
Certainly, this premise remains clear and recognizable to all. Nor is this the intention. Indeed, it would give the object a rather limited character and leave no room for one’s own interpretation or association.
And this is a very important aspect of Jens Pfeifer’s work.

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