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Glass – Magazine for glass art

Glass – Magazine for Glass Art is the quarterly magazine of the Association of Friends of Modern Glass. As a member of the society, you will receive the 70-plus page magazine four times a year. In it, you will read all about the latest developments in international glass art.

The journal of the VVMG has been published since 2018 under the name Glass – Magazine for Glass Art. Before then, it appeared under the name Fjoezzz.

The content of the magazine is rich and diverse, including articles on exhibitions, articles on glass in design, glass in architecture, jewelry made of glass, a behind-the-scenes look at glass artists and various other topics.

In our Archive you will find an overview of the journals glass magazine published to date. Also can be found here an overview of the expenses Fjoezzz

An overview can be found in:

Glass Magazine tables of contents and

Fjoezz Magazine table of contents

Advertising in Glass

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