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Bernardine de Neeve Prize

Created by the Association of Friends of Modern Glass, the Bernardine de Neeve Prize honors the first chief curator of arts and crafts at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, Mrs. Bernardine de Neeve (1915-1996).

She was curator of arts and crafts at the aforementioned museum from the late 1950s and by virtue of that position responsible for collection policy. Soon she not only applied herself to traditional antique and historical utensils, but from 1960 she turned her attention primarily to contemporary crafts.

In 1986, Bernardine de Neeve was a founding member of the Association of Friends of Modern Glass.

The award was created in 1990 to benefit the artistic development of glass artists from the Netherlands and Belgium.

The prize is awarded in 2021 to an artist who has an innovative and surprising view of glass and promotes it on an artistic basis, where glass as a visual material is an essential part of the entire body of work.

Important criteria for the jury are diversity in modes of expression and techniques and encouraging artists who want to break new ground.

Various publications from recent years involving the Bernardine de Neeve Prize

Nominated artists 1992:
Joost Bicker Caarten, Peter Bremers, Ceciel van Dooren, Vincent van Ginneke, Frank van den Ham, Bernard Heesen, Peter Hengst Richard Price, Oloaf Stevens, Winnie Teschmacher (winner), Yvon Trossel (winner)

Nominated artists 1995:
Joost Bicker Caarten, Anna Carlgren, Jens H. Pfeifer, Jelena Popadic, Richard Price, Simsa Cho, Arnout Visser, Lisa Gherardi (winner)

Nominated artists 1998:
Philippe Edwards, Laura Heyworth, Deborah Hopkins, JensH. Pfeifer, Caroline E. Prisse, Rob van der Ven, Hans van Bentem (winner)

Nominated artists 2002:
Patula Berm, Menno Jonker, Dafna Kaffeman, Caroline E. Prisse Gareth Noel Williams, Laura Heyworth (winner)

Nominated artists 2005:
Helena Kågebrand, Katrin Maurer, Katja Prins, Janine Schimkat, Ellen Urselmann, Gareth Noel Williams (winner)

Nominated artists 2011:
From the Netherlands: Tara Woudenberg, Anna ter Haar and Xandra Paijmans-Bremers.
From Belgium: Ilse van Roy, Katrijn Schatteman and Mariken Dumon (winner).

Nominated artists 2015:

Katrin Maurer, Sylvie Vandenhoucke, Jan van den Dobbelsteen (winner)

Nominated artists 2018:

Arnoud Visser, Joost Bicker Caarten and Jan Doms (winner)

Artists 2021 nominees
Nataliya Vladychko, Judith Roux (winner), Jenny Ritzenhoff

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