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Friends Award VVMG

For individuals or organizations that have contributed to glass art and/or the association in a special way, VVMG has established an honorable award.

The Friends Prize, a work of art by a contemporary glass artist, has been awarded by VVMG since its inception to:

Sybren Valkema, artist/pioneer studio glass/founder Glass Department Rietveld academy (Object Bert Frijns)

Elka Schrijver, Publicitical work including on (modern) glass and crystal (Object A. D. Copier)

Leendert van der Linden, master glassblower (Object Durk Valkema)

Willem Heesen, artist (Object Sybren Valkema)

1991 Dorris U. Kuyken-Schneider, Boijmans curator (Object Frank van den Ham)

Jaap de Harder, gallery owner (Object Tosca Overdiep)

1993 Titus Eliëns, final editor Lexicon Dutch glass art of the twentieth century (Object Bert Frijns)
1994 Floris Meydam, designer/artist (Object Maria van Kesteren)

1996 Renee Jansen – Schulz, member activities such as member administration and organization of studio visits (Object Marie Meszaros)

Miep Singelenberg – co-founder VvMG, compiler Lexicon (Object Richard Meitner)

Rob van den Doel, Gallery Owner, awarded posthumously (Object by Gareth Williams)

Peter Danz, president Association of Friends of Modern Glass (Object Frank van den Ham)

Harm Wolthuis, organizer of annual Glass Art Fair and promoter of glass art (Object Bibi Smit)

Rinus and Tonny van Helden, member activities such as organization of member fair, workshops, website (Object Richard Meitner)

2011 Angela van der Burght, editor-in-chief Glass Bulletin and then Fjoezzz (Object Simone van Bakel)

Louis Visseren, former board member. Continued his board position for many years despite no longer being on the board. (Object Geir Nustad)

Ron Geurts, treasurer (Object Alfredo Barbini)

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