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Our activities

The Society of Friends of Modern Glass (VVMG) is a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) dedicated to celebrating, promoting and advancing glass art. With approximately 900 members, VVMG is the largest association of lovers of modern glass in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our members are collectors, artists, as well as gallery owners and museums.

VVMG organizes various activities for its members:

The General Assembly (ALV) meets twice a year. The meeting is also considered a members’ day and combined with a lecture, tour or visit to an exhibition.

Publication of the quarterly “Glass – Magazine for Glass Art.

At least four studio visits per year are organized. Members will have a chance to go behind the scenes of a glass artist or professional working with glass in a more intimate setting.

Tours related to glass e.g. at exhibitions or auction houses.

Exclusive to members each year a member object to be purchased by a selected artist.

The Bernardine de Neeve Prize, an incentive award for innovative glass artists. Awarded every 3 years.

Annual stipend to promote the development of one or more glass artists.

Presentation of the Friends Award to individuals who make or have made outstanding contributions to glass art and/or the Society.

Lustrum celebrations are used to highlight the association and the glass art/glass artist.

Through Q& A, members can place a call.

The newsletter is distributed digitally 4-8 times a year, with messages from the board, announcements of our activities, recommended exhibits and more.

Are you not yet a member but are you interested?
For only €66 a year you can now become a member of the Association of Friends of Modern Glass, receive our quarterly magazine and participate in all our activities.
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