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Member object 2012

Artist Laura de Monchy
Title Alleskan
Price € 380 (each)
Circulation 40
Committee Ms. Katrin Maurer, Ms. Myra Slingerland and Mr. Arend-Jan Weijsters
Website Laura de Monchy

Laura de Monchy is the designer and creator of the 2012 Member Object, titled “Alleskan.
The Commission, in consultation with Laura, has chosen to release the 2012 member object in 3 versions of which, unfortunately, you can only choose one.
So you must make a choice!

Laura on the member object: “Alleskan! Surprising that I was asked to make the 2013 membership object. What a challenge to make a jug within my already existing collection of ‘Alleskan’ and now add glass to it. The excitement was running high! With ‘I love the sound of broken glass’ playing in the background, the glass skirt melts into the porcelain oil jug and becomes a game of pick up and serve.”

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