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Ruby jubilee Association of Friends of Modern Glass

Exhibition, Photo contest, Auction, Table project, Virtual ‘anniversary’ presentations

Jubilee Association of Friends of Modern Glass
In 1986, the Society of Friends of Modern Glass was founded by a number of people, including
D. Copier and B. de Neeve. That means that in 2021 our association will be 35 years old!

The society, initially a small group of people who wanted to promote contemporary glass art, were mostly members from the western part of the country. Over the years, the association has grown larger and international .
We obviously don’t want our anniversary to go unnoticed.

Our association has become an international stage for glass art from the Low Countries .

Despite the knowledge that the covid 19 virus is still among us, let us not stop ourselves from making plans, confident that some things will be possible in 2021.

What are those plans?
The anniversary committee will keep you informed of developments through Glass magazine, newsletters, social media and the latest information and updates through this page.
Given the rapid developments of the virus and the measures surrounding it, you are informed as quickly and optimally as possible through these channels about whether or not planned activities will continue.
The central theme of the anniversary year is

The lecture with which we had planned to open our anniversary year comes too soon given the current developments of the covid-19 virus.

We plan to move this to a later date, as we feel it is a good time to look ahead as well. A discussion with interest representatives will certainly yield insights. The contacts we have already made will also lead to activities in the future, of that we are convinced!

Exhibition at the National Glass Museum

A successful exhibition ended Aug. 15.

Looking back, we can conclude that, despite the false start, the members’ exhibition was a very great success.

Both in terms of number of participants, quantity of works submitted and visitors.

The reactions were very positive.


Photo contest

Photo contest with the theme ‘Connection and glass art’

There were many entries for this photo contest with the above theme.

It was clear that submitters were struggling with the theme.

Many images of objects were submitted that had a relationship to “connection.

After extensive deliberation by the Jury, consisting of the anniversary committee and 2 external jury members, the first prize was unanimously awarded.

The2nd prize was debated longer, but was finally awarded.

The Jury thus consisted of the cie members, supplemented by Richard Willebrands (photographer)and Richard Price (Artist)


For members who are particularly fond of young artists, we are hosting an auction of glass art objects. Auction period from Aug. 27 through Sept. 26.
A number of items were bid on during the auction.

25% Of the properties have been sold. Not a bad result for the first auction we organized in this way.
For the association, and especially for the artists, this generated the nice amount of 1327 euros. This allows us to award a number of additional stipends.

Some of the objects at auction are the National Glass Museum exhibited during our anniversary exhibition.

Tables project and presentations during ALV/Education Day
On Oct. 31, 2021, as part of our anniversary during the AGM/Education Day, the table project will once again take place. The table project was a long time, during membership meetings a big hit. Because of the anniversary year, the project is now a one-time activity. The table project involves offering your glass objects that may be in your way or that you may be able to make other glass collectors happy with for sale or exchange on your “table.” You may also offer books, self-made objects, courses and the like.
With the Glass and Ceramics Fair not going ahead an opportunity to at least reach members with your offerings.

Because of the space available, we want to offer as wide a range as possible. It is possible that if there is too much interest, selection will be made by category, and of course by receipt of applications.
You can register in advance by sending an email to
Don’t forget to include your name address, e-mail address and phone number.

Virtual ‘anniversary’ presentations

Throughout the year we plan to hold a number of presentations/visits online. The intention is to give artists and others the opportunity to tell us and show us something.
The form in which will depend greatly on the presenter and chosen topic.
This will happen partly “live” and partly on our “own” youtube channel/page Jubilee presentations. Here there is then also the opportunity to watch the presentations back at your desired times.
Check this page to see which videos have already been posted, click here to go directly to them, or in the future go directly to them via the menu at the top of this page.

Public Relations
Of course, we want to use this anniversary year to increase our brand awareness and recruit new members. We want to do this by being actively present at various glass art events and places where glass art is promoted in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We would like to get in touch with a member who would enjoy , together with a member of the jubilee committee, to visit a workshop or visit someone who can tell something interesting about the glass world. We expect whoever goes along to make a nice video of this.
We would then like to post this video on our anniversary page; see

We are also looking for members who enjoy being present during glass art events and giving (global) enthusiastic information to visitors, both in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Are you not yet a member but are you interested?
For only €66 a year you can now become a member of the Association of Friends of Modern Glass, receive our quarterly magazine and participate in all our activities.
Learn more about our memberships here.